15 Things I Enjoy About Becoming A Lesbian

Hello glorious, stunning, great
. Now is actually all of our time! Nowadays we enjoy being obvious AF
Im honoring by ordering $50 worth of Juice Press for my v swollen face, paying attention to ”
The L Word
” theme track on perform, texting emotional sentences to all the my personal
, having a
marathon, sporting a
, and causeing this to be list all of my many favored areas of becoming a lesbian. There is plenty to love and celebrate it was difficult slim it down, but here goes, babes.

1. ”
The L Word”
will be the gift that helps to keep on offering.

I am not good at a lot of things in life, but i’ll kick the ass at ”
The L Term
” trivia any time. You will find a freakishly encyclopedic memory regarding our very own
preferred lezzie crisis
, and I am very pleased if you are a closeted 13-year old and binge watching it because it’s gifted me with many of the best entertainment (and masturbation material—helllooo
and Cherie poolside) of living! Not forgetting the amazing
. I’m enjoying
Dream by Bardi Johansson and Noemi
as I compose this, which, i would include, was playing as Alice remaining a romantic watch for Tasha (that entirely caused the woman PTSD—whoops!). Like We mentioned: ENCYCLOPEDIC MEMORY.

2. Scissoring. It’s actual. Which all.

I don’t have time for just about any of you narrow-minded nasties that say scissoring is actually a fake
fantasy of the patriarchy. YAWN. I am talking about, maybe you have TRIED IT? If you don’t, you might be missing out on what, in my own modest (best) view, is among the most fun element of being a
. Positive, it will require loads of control, could be uncomfortable initially, and requires some expertise and flexibility, but very do all the very best things in daily life.

3. Community.

Getting a lesbian is actually incredible because it immediately links you, spiritually and inextricably, to a household. Every single one people under the LGBTQ umbrella has each other’s fabulous backs (regardless of if we
argue semantics
online associated with the
EVIL areas of being a lesbian
simply We DIGRESS). Nowadays, we’re only
, honey.

4. The ART.

Is-it me, or carry out lesbians result in the best art? Identify a significantly better break-up album than
Tegan and Sara’s
“The Con.” identify a sexier motion picture than ”
Below Her Lips
.” List an improved book than ”
Rock Butch Blues
.” Label a far better actress than
Lena Waithe

5. I Am satisfied AF.

Being a lesbian features provided me personally much
. In case you are different, you excel. In the event that you stand out, you will want a thick epidermis. You want
. You will want swag. Therefore, these undoubtedly provide you with the confidence of a sapphic goddess!

6. handling hug hot girls, duh.

This option is self-explanatory, but I’ll go right ahead and on anyway since it is
everything I perform for an income
. I’ve been
making away
with girls for, like, fifteen years, but I nonetheless get giddy and thrilled every time. Like, can everything in life be any longer lit than being a hot girl kissing a hot girl?

7. The fashion.

Lesbians have the best design. Proof
right here
, and, really, everywhere.

8. The bars.

Exactly what helps to keep myself dealing with an especially bleak week could be the vow of a legendary happy hour at beloved lez place Cubbyhole. If you are experiencing down, i could guarantee that fifteen minutes in Cubby will change that. Before long, you’ll be tossing back an attempt making use of the friendly and fun AF bartenders, stuffing see your face with free pizza, and chatting in the gorgeous butt lady seated alongside you.

9. Employed By GO Mag.

If I wasn’t a flaming homosexual, i’dnot have the tremendous honor of operating right here and providing you with every lezzie content material! I feel like the luckiest lesbian in the arena.

10. Leather trousers.

I am happy for dykes in leather pants. Thank you so much for arriving at my personal Ted Talk.


is demanding AF once you work with a lesbian magazine. The look! This article! The organization! The float! The events! The tabling! But, it is also the most magical thing on earth. Pride began as a riot, and, today, it is a party honoring most of the work and sacrifices all of our friends and family have made for us becoming practically naked about road covered in glitter. Icons just.

12. History.

These are Pride, how happy are we to get the chance to see a LIVING, BREATHING section of queer history like
The Stonewall Inn
? Virtually in which Pride started! And also this 12 months, along with WORLD PRIDE, oahu is the 50th anniversary regarding the Stonewall uprising. We now have this type of a rich background full of resistance, like, and strength.

13. Melissa Etheridge.

True tale: I experienced a climax from simply enjoying
Melissa Etheridge
on stage this past year.

14. V rigorous, insane, life-altering, earth-shattering

^Lesbians’ specialized.

15. Liberty!

Although queer folks around the globe aren’t as blessed, i enjoy becoming absolve to end up being me personally: a huge dyke.

Happy Lesbian Day’s Exposure! Understanding your favorite part about getting a
? Just how could you be celebrating today? Do you want to go out with me? Tell us from inside the remarks!

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David Jones (Producer)

David Jones (Producer) is the Pastor of Music and Worship at Second Baptist Church in Lancaster SC and the Missions Coordinator for the Washington D.C. division of Worship Convergence International. He has spent his entire life working with church musicians and considers it an honor to be invited along on this project.

David studied music at Averett University and worship at Liberty University, both in Virginia. It is his passion to use music as a means to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to proclaim God’s greatness to the world. His prayer is that these albums would further that cause.