Are Norman Reedus & Imogen Lehtonen Dating? The ‘Ride With Norman Reedus’ Stars Make Outstanding Professionals

Hold on tight tight, Daryl Dixon followers. A brand new girl only rode into AMC on a motorcycle. Are
Norman Reedus and Imogen Lehtonen from

Drive With Norman Reedus

online dating? The jewellery developer, biker, and model joins Reedus on their unscripted trip when you look at the collection premier, plus they may potentially create a pretty cute few.

Appear, I’m all for platonic interactions on tv. Reedus makes reference to Lehtonen as his friend, and then we should just take their phrase. Additionally, it is fairly amazing that this collection, which could get fairly bro hefty genuine quick, is actually exhibiting a single female bikers in the first event without an intimate “subplot” or such a thing. That’s unexpected and fantastic! As he hangs with her team IRL,
as found in this Instagram
, he and Imogen are not actually riding collectively or everything. She’s obviously section of motorcycle culture, therefore it is clear exactly why Reedus would need the girl on his show. For just what it really is worth, Lehtonen is also close with Lana Del Ray in certain Ride ready pictures launched by day-to-day Mail, and so I believe she may just have great chemistry with everyone she meets.

Nevertheless, would it be thus incorrect easily ‘ship it? I am aware they’re actual individuals, perhaps not imaginary characters, but I can’t help it to. Actually possible series can tell a story.

Photographs: Mark Schafer/AMC (2)

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