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Lez revisit the original
“The L Term.”
Keep in mind whenever
Alice Pieszecki
nearly cheated on Tasha in period 5 with Clea, that guest on “the style?” After resisting the woman destination, Alice tells

“all of us simply let our very own
connections inflate
on first little attraction. Nobody deals with their unique connections any longer. Every person’s for quick satisfaction, and that I don’t want to end up like that.”

Oh, Alice, you are therefore correct.

Jenny cheats on Tim with Marina.

Cherie cheats on Steve with Shane.

Bette cheats on Tina with Candace.

Dana cheats on Tonya with Alice.

Tonya cheats on Dana with Melissa.

Tina cheats on Helena with Bette.

Shane cheats on Carmen with Cherie.

Jenny cheats on maximum with Claude.

Phyllis cheats on Leonard with Alice.

Shane cheats on Paige with a realtor.

Cindi cheats on Dawn with Shane.

Bette cheats on Jodi with Tina.

Niki cheats on Jenny with Greg.

Felicity cheats on her husband with Bette.

Lena cheats on Tess with Shane.

Sophie cheats on Dani with Finley.

It appears as though absolutely nothing a lot changed in the fidelity section from collection finale a decade ago to your collection finale a month ago. These ladies do not have an excellent track record. (But hey, neither carry out the dudes. Taking a look at you Max, Angus, Benjamin Bradshaw, and Gabriel McCutcheon.)

Bear in mind when Jenny tried to seduce Stacy Merkin’s gf together with gf “only” tends to make together shirtless alone within hotel room in place of sex? She’s deemed a “saint.” How about whenever Sophie cheats on Dani with Finley

before their unique expected wedding ceremony?

Expectations, females. Wow.

Everybody defines cheating in different ways. Some would forgive Tina’s online-only tryst with DaddyOf2; other individuals would not. (obviously, on “The L keyword,” the instant texting is named “f*cking him” by Bette, since there are a lot more F bombs about tv show compared to a bunker.) Tasha states “considering is cheating,” and, unfortunately, by her very own description, she turns out to be a cheater too (Jaime). Some cases tend to be totally clear-cut; no-one would claim that Lena’s hook-up with Shane wasn’t cheating.

If this program were the only representation of queer women, you’d presume we can’t keep it within shorts. Very, in real life, can we?

In Brit matchmaking company java & Company’s


of 3,000 folks in Britain, 25 % of females — when compared to 9 % of men — mentioned they will definitely deceive if they dropped for anyone outside their union. But another U.S.


for the “Archives of Sexual Behavior” revealed 23 % of direct males had cheated within their current relationship, versus 19 per cent of right females, so it is confusing if women or men cheat even more to begin with. Regardless, it seems like there’s loads of it going on!

A U.S. research

printed in

Household Process

in 2011 confirmed lesbians to really have the

least expensive

cheating prices of anyone: 8 per cent for lesbians, 10 percent for right men, 14 percent for right ladies, and 59 % for homosexual men. I’ve found this pretty impressive, especially given the reputation directly males have.

If lesbians truly experience the most affordable infidelity price, then “The L Word” is just stirring up drama. I was interested in learning exactly what genuine queer ladies must state about any of it, thus I posted in a

Twitter class

specialized in “The L term: Generation Q.” In the beginning, dozens had been wanting to jump in with feedback on what unfaithful “The L term” women can be, increasing the list on top of this post. But once we implemented right up asking

precisely why

this was, only one person was actually happy to explore if the program reflects how we come in actuality. Marlena, a 52-year-old lesbian from Maryland, mentioned she doesn’t imagine lesbians cheat any further than others, but that the understanding is in fact a stereotype. When considering the tv show, Marlena says, “i believe that ‘The L keyword’ does the job of entertaining men and women, while showing the faults in humanity that we all have actually. I really don’t believe ‘The L keyword’ accounts for poor pictures anymore than ‘Breaking Bad’ is for promoting a picture of a teacher attempting to sell drugs.”

So just how does cheating really influence a relationship?

A 2016 examination

of over 63,000 men and women posted in the “Archives of Sexual Behavior” viewed who become more upset over intimate unfaithfulness compared to mental unfaithfulness (dropping in love with someone else not actually acting on it). Lesbians and bisexual women reported they might be similarly disappointed over either type. (For what it really is worth, directly males cared about physical and straight females the contrary.) I never really been cheated on (that i understand of) or duped (by my personal meaning),


Used to do fall for my personal now-wife in the last week from the commitment I found myself in. We dumped that woman before We acted on anything with my now-wife, but that ex-girlfriend had been naturally angry. I believe like used to do just the right thing by perhaps not performing on it whilst in another relationship — you simply can’t really help your emotions — but I am able to acknowledge, if my spouse fell in love with someone else and remaining me personally, it wouldn’t be much consolation to find out that they had sex the afternoon soon after we divorced instead of the time before.

In some relationships, getting drawn to anyone while being in a commitment with another isn’t an issue. Polyamorous folks acknowledge why these tourist attractions are organic as well as have available connections. Let’s be obvious: Polyamory is

maybe not

cheating. Cheating is going outside your own contracts together with your partner(s), while your own agreement claims resting along with other people is okay, it’s okay. (My connection was actually described as monogamous, very hooking up with my now-wife while with my then-girlfriend


have been dirty.) While Im yourself monogamous inside my positioning, i believe polyamorous folks have a great solution to reduce the instance of cheating in connections when you’re upfront about how precisely we don’t prevent having destinations because we’re combined. Offering both authorization to behave in it in plainly described boundaries is a sure way some body predisposed to cheating could preempt any harm possibly triggered by connecting with somebody else.

Take Alice Pieszecki for instance once again. I was thinking definitely she or Nat was going to hack with Gigi, but rather of blowing within the union over an attraction, they managed to make it operate. That threesome at the back of Dana’s was actually the latest scene of ”

Generation Q!”

Poly interactions need a lot of interaction, as well as the throuple couldn’t lay-down the things they were at ease with, ultimately causing the blow-up when Nat and Gigi had sex together without Alice. It generally does not need to go all the way down that way (pun intended).

The majority of lesbians go for about as forgiving as Alice:

One 2015 look

at lesbian connections indicated that when there was clearly infidelity, 80 per cent of couples split up. So often,

the partnership currently has problems whenever the cheating happens

, so that they might-have-been headed towards break-up in any event. I found myself definitely prepared break up with that ex well before I fell so in love with my spouse, and that other individual ended up being exactly the determination to eventually keep.

It does not look that infidelity is clearly more prevalent in interactions between two females IRL, but what can we perform about any of it with regards to really does arise? Separating is the one option — like exactly how Tess left Lena — or doing it — like greater and Tina fixing the relationship following the Candace affair — is an additional. Absolutely the precautionary measure of setting up the connection like Alice attempted. None of them is actually “right,” since every circumstance and union is unique, but no body should let it rest unacknowledged.

Just like Alice had to do in season among the initial “The L keyword” by shedding Gabby Deveaux, leaving a cheater tends to be an affirmation of self-worth. Marlena in Maryland believes. “in the event that you provide your own intimate fuel to another person, you will want to go be together with them. Launch me and so I can do equivalent.”

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