Solitary Black Women Are Not Sufferers in Matchmaking |

Over the past couple of months,
black women and their relationships
– or should I say, absence thereof – have-been acquiring some interest.
The Arizona Post
did multiple functions upon it. After That ABC’s


did a tv show asking just why there are countless solitary black females.

All of a sudden the conventional media is actually using a keen interest in our really love life. We’re becoming advised there is a ‘crisis’ amongst black women, specially knowledgeable pro females, that happen to be it seems that struggling to find a ‘decent’ black man.

There’s no doubt it’s a subject that sparks heated debates and talks amongst black women and men. It has for a long time. It is it surely that terrible? Or perhaps is the mass media – now that it offers located a hot topic – exploiting this dilemma for several it’s well worth? I’m an educated black girl and I privately do not have trouble with meeting suitable, knowledgeable, great black colored guys. If or not I elect to big date them is another thing, but they are available to choose from.

I will be notably perturbed by slew of stories about subject. These include adverse, unhelpful and only are designed to perpetuate bad tactics about black colored people which regularly become self-fullfiling. They fundamentally state ‘oh, bad black colored women. They take to so difficult but aren’t able to find a decent guy … Boo hoo, black colored women are sufferers. Ooh, it really is all failing of these pathetic black males. You are sure that, they have no education or tend to be locked-up in jail.’ Sorry, but I do perhaps not subscribe to that view.

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There are many reasons the reason why black colored ladies are unmarried. And it is maybe not as a result of the black colored man. Maybe not having individual responsibility nor working with unexplored luggage through the past takes on a lot more of a role than we all think. We women are only a few simply saints with to battle against poor guys. Way too many of us women believe that a
greater level and a beneficial salary
tend to be enough to make us great friends. As I’ve composed before, we
women can be maybe not subjects in matchmaking
and it is totally disempowering for people purchasing into these types of programs and posts which profit from perpetuating the concept that people are.

As a single black woman I’m really more interested in reading from gladly hitched black partners about how they found and what makes them tick. We have

Michelle and Barack Obama

, an attractive happily wedded black colored few for the White residence. Precisely why are unable to we give attention to how we can emulate lovers like this?

Tune in to

Dr Boyce Watkins

and that I talk this matter out and inform us how you feel.

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